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Better Speech Understanding
BluLink is the culmination of years of research and development of the very latest in subminiature electronic design and audiological systems to handle background noise.

BluLink protects listening quality at all sound levels, thereby minimizing fatigue while maximizing speech understanding.

Surround Sound
A pair of BluLinks work together as one, which preserves the sounds that are essential for sensing directionality of the wide variety of sounds in your life.

BluLink is the first audiological device in the world to accomplish this!

Bluetooth Connectivity
With the Streamer, BluLink is bluetooth enabled, meaning it can wirelessly connect to your bluetooth mobile phone, and land line phone streaming the call directly into your ear. An mp3 player or other music device can also be streamed directly into BluLink, as well as television, personal computers, laptops and radio, providing outstanding sound quality without bulky headphones or awkward headsets.

My Voice
BluLink can tell the difference between when the user is talking and listening, allowing for sound stability to be maintained throughout conversations in challenging environments.

Eliminates True Feedback
BluLink is able to instantly detect and eliminate true feedback, providing you with relief from the annoyance and discomfort created by feedback. With BluLink’s cutting-edge feedback detection, you can once again enjoy music.

Contemporary Design
The mini BTE (behind-the-ear) and RITE (receiver-in-the-ear) designs are very small and discreet in size, combining durability and remarkable user-friendliness. These styles are offered in a contemporary color palette in a variety of attractive combinations.

Mini Power BTE
The Mini Power BTE allows for greater fitting potential for moderately to severely hearing impaired people. It has several small and powerful battery solutions. The Mini Power BTE allows for the same wireless connectivity as the other BluLink models.


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