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About Speech Understanding Loss
Loss of speech understanding currently affects the lives of more than 30 million Americans – one in every ten of us. It is the 3rd most common medical problem, both in the United States and around the world.

One in every four Americans over the age of 55, one in every three over the age of 65 and one in every two over the age of 75 is likely to have some type of understanding loss.

But once thought of as “an older person’s affliction”, speech understanding loss also cuts across all age, income and ethnic lines.

The good news is, the overwhelming majority – perhaps 95% - of all those with an understanding loss can be helped with audiological devices.

So if you or a loved one currently has reason to believe a speech understanding loss may exist, the first thing to understand is this:

You’re not alone!

Common Speech Understanding Loss Warning Signs
Common speech understanding loss warning signs include not being able to understand conversation in places where noise is present, such as restaurants, meeting halls or work environments. Other common warning signs include not being able to understand conversations on the telephone, having to turn the TV volume up in order to hear and asking people to repeat themselves.

You can take a 5-Minute Speech Understanding Test to learn whether your hearing is at risk, by clicking here.

Get Help Now
Statistics also show that, unfortunately, as many as ten years may pass between the first signs of a speech understanding loss and eventually deciding to seek help.

During that time, the ability to understand speech worsens. Because of a condition known as Auditory Deprivation, once the brain – the true organ of hearing – is deprived of the normal, everyday level of sounds, it seldom – if ever – recovers that ability to understand speech clearly.

That’s just one more reason to get help now, if you or a loved one is currently experiencing problems understanding speech. And now Blulink offers an alternative to struggling with understanding others, especially in noisy situations.

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